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New innovative care model arrives in Australia

ACH Group will be the first aged care provider in Australia to implement the U.S.-founded Green House Project (GHP) model of care, which promotes the autonomy and individuality of residents and staff.

The model will be introduced in the South Australian provider’s newest residential care home Healthia, which will open in August 2023.

Informed by person-directed care principles, GHP maximises the independence of residents, empowers staff, and enhances the benefits of the highly regarded small household design that Healthia has adopted.

Owned and overseen by the U.S.-based Center for Innovation, the GHP model has been successfully implemented in nearly 400 private and not-for-profit care homes in the United States.

ACH Group CEO Frank Weits said ACH Group was drawn to GHP because of the opportunity to accelerate the culture shift to person-directed care within its workforce at Healthia and the benefits to be experienced by residents and staff.

“We have recently implemented a new operating model to provide increased role clarity and accountability while standardising the workforce model in our care homes. Having implemented the new model, the next priority for us is to move workforce culture to person-directed care,” he said.

“GHP and person-directed care have strong synergies with ACH Group’s Good Lives Philosophy based on the delivery of 4Rs – right relationships, real experiences, reablement, and roles – for residents.

“Residents living at Healthia will feel an increased sense of control, have an improved quality of life, and a fulfilling and positive experience.”

Mr Weits said for more than 70 years ACH Group has had an innovative mindset committed to reimagining aged care through innovative built forms and care models to support older people to live good lives.

“There is an increasing urgency and growing expectation for change in the aged care sector – driven by residents, customers, the workforce, and regulators alike – to move to a model of care where the priority is the older person’s preferences and staff skills are developed and nurtured. The Green House Project delivers this,” he said.

Center for Innovation CEO Susan Ryan said, “Introducing the Green House Project model of care at Healthia – the first ever home outside of the United States to implement the model – is such a significant milestone for our organisation, and we’re so pleased that ACH Group is the local operating partner that will make it happen.”

“ACH Group’s commitment to reimagining aged care services was clear from my very first conversations with leadership, and we can’t wait to partner with ACH Group. Together, we can create the empowering services and supports that older people in Australia, and everywhere else around the world, truly deserve.”

About Healthia Residential Care Home:

  • Healthia has adopted the small household model and comprises eight single-storey homes located in a village setting.
  • The Royal Commission favoured the small household model for residential care as the home-style design promotes a better quality of life for residents, especially people living with dementia.
  • The environment is small and domestic rather than large and institutional. Each home features:
      • An open-plan dining and living space, and a fully equipped kitchen for residents.
      • Twelve individual bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.
      • Access to landscaped gardens from every room.
      • Domestic laundry.
  • Realising the importance of holistic care in supporting residents to live good lives, a full range of health, wellbeing, and social services are offered in the Central Building.
  • Healthia’s purposeful design limits the spread of infectious viruses such as COVID-19.
  • The University of South Australia will co-locate in the Central Building with a general practice and student-led allied health clinic open to the public on a full-time basis on weekdays. In addition, students will undertake a placement in the residential care home.
  • Healthia is located at 26 Mark Road, Elizabeth South, and is anticipated to open in early August 2023.

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