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New Charter of Aged Care Rights

On July 1 2019, the Australian Government introduced a new and simpler Charter of Aged Care Rights (the Charter).

This replaces previous charters to make it easier for older people receiving Australian Government funded aged care services, their families and carers to understand what they can expect from an aged care service provider, regardless of whether they are in residential care or receiving care in their home.

ACH Group CEO, Frank Weits said: “We welcome this move, which is in keeping with ACH Group’s philosophy of ensuring that customers are at the heart of what we do. This provides an important opportunity to ensure that customers are aware of their rights and what they can expect from us.”

Why a Charter?

The Charter places the customer at the centre of care by giving them choice and recognising their right to be treated with respect. It acknowledges that identity, culture and diversity are to be valued and supported. Customer responsibilities have also been revised in this new document. These changes will support aged care service providers in delivering care to customers and provide protection for the aged care workforce.

What now?

ACH Group will contact all applicable customers over the coming months to explain the new Charter and invite them to sign it.

Watch a video about the new Charter.

Read more about the Charter.

July 2019


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