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Love is in the air for artists

Pat Egan didn’t pick up a paintbrush until three years ago, and now there’s no stopping him.

From birds, to boats and buildings – and in acrylics, pencil and ink – Pat’s creativity is ever-evolving.

But the artwork he’s currently working on is particularly unique.

“Three years ago there’s no way I would have pictured myself drawing ‘love,’ but that’s exactly what I’m doing with this piece,” Pat said, as he gestured towards his intricate line drawing of India’s famed Taj Mahal, which was built for love.

Pat’s artwork, which he will complete with pen and ink, will feature in this year’s South Australian Living Arts (SALA) Festival, at the ‘Space Between’ exhibition in Adelaide.

ACH Group’s theme for this year’s festival, which runs from August 1-31, is Love: give, share, celebrate.

“Painting to a theme is challenging, because it makes you think outside the square. But it’s good to have challenges as you get older – it certainly keeps the brain active!” Pat – who is a member of the Osmond Social Art Group at Norwood, said.

Pat began painting when his career as an architect was brought to a sudden halt after suffering a stroke four years ago.

“I spent one year convalescing and then started the hard road back to good physical health. A stroke really knocks you physically and you have to be disciplined and stay mentally strong to get better.”

He says painting gave him a new focus and direction as his body slowly healed.

“I’d never painted before, but ACH Group told me there was an art class nearby, so I thought I’d give it a go.”

“As an architect I used to work a lot in lines, but now I have the freedom to try different mediums and subjects. I really love it.”

Would you like to join an art group? ACH Group runs a number of art groups across Adelaide. For more information, call ACH Group on 1300 224 477

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