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It pays to be Tech Savvy

Cloud or drive? Apple or android? Phone or tablet? If these  questions leave you scratching your head, it might be time to sign up to an Exchange Tech Savvy workshop.

These workshops are all about getting people started on the internet and tips for those keen to know more.

While ‘digital natives’ – generations Y and Z – often find the digital world easy to navigate, it can be a different story for others.

Exchange member Jim, 63, says learning to use a computer has been a steep learning curve, but well worth the effort. As well as signing up for an email address to keep in touch with family and friends, Jim is excited about the ‘DIY’ videos he’s found on YouTube that fit with his passion, car mechanics. “I’d been a bit resistant to computers, but I’ve discovered all sorts of fascinating things online,” he says.

During the workshops, a range of experts bust internet myths, answer questions on how to choose the right computer, tablet or mobile phone, and investigate how technology can help when it comes to hearing or vision impairments or other medical issues. Other topics include how to be safe and savvy when you’re looking for health information online, and a look at the ethics and green credentials of mobile  technology.

Taking on new challenges, learning new skills, and finding opportunities to have your say, are a focus for members of the Exchange – a network for people aged 50+, founded by ACH Group two years ago.

Exchange members receive a fortnightly e-bulletin (newsletter) via email that includes noticeboard alerts on a variety of workshops, seminars and opportunities available to older South Australians to get involved in research, share their opinions, and keep challenging how getting older looks and feels.

“I might be 86 but I’m not slowing down, there’s a whole world of interesting
things right here on my phone.”

– Hazel, Exchange member



The Tech Savvy workshops are one of many activities and workshops on offer for members of the Exchange, a network that offers opportunities to reinvent, rediscover and find your voice. The Exchange is open to anyone aged 50+ and is free to join. Sign up at



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