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Cruising locally

Gone are the days when you need to travel halfway round the world or even interstate to join a cruise.    

Adelaide is Australia’s hot new destination on the radar of many cruise operators, with South Australian ports including Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island and now Wallaroo finally getting some recognition on the world stage.

Never before has there been as great a selection of cruise lines and itineraries to and from Adelaide, as there is now.

South Australians keen to pick up a cruise from their home port can start packing their bags as a record number of cruise ships are set to sail into or out of Adelaide over the next few years.

Whether you’re after a short and local 3 or 4-night cruise or would prefer a more leisurely cruise travelling further afield, there are options for short cruises or longer ones now available to suit every taste and budget.

Adelaide’s main cruising season is from November to May with ships docking at the Port Adelaide Cruise Terminal at Outer Harbour.

A cruise is a great option for a nervous flyer who would still like to see the world but would also like to minimise their flying time as much as possible.

With some great itineraries that are part of round-the-world voyages, you can cruise directly out of Adelaide travelling as far as Central America, South Africa, Dubai or the UK, or stay local and cruise to Melbourne or Sydney and back to Adelaide.

Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find a cruise that’s suitable for you.

To find your perfect cruise, contact your nearest Phil Hoffmann Travel.

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