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Celebrating Neighbour Day

A total of seven events were held across ACH Group Retirement Living communities to mark the celebration.

Friendships, having a laugh, and looking out for one another were common sentiments shared at the recent events.

More than 250 retirement living residents attended events in their community hub from 22 March – 8 April, where along with enjoying a chat and food, residents shared what they most enjoy about their community.

A keep-sake board on display in the hubs has captured these thoughts.

Nurse Ish sharing story

Responses included,

  • ‘The social club at JEC is so good,
  • ‘I love the people we interact with and love having a laugh,’
  • ‘Smiles and support when needed’.
Held annually, on the last Sunday of March, Neighbour Day is a celebration of community.

It also aims to support sustainable and respectful relationships across communities, while helping to address loneliness.

Competition Winner

As part of Neighbour Day, residents were invited to enter a competition for the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. To be in the running residents wrote a favourite memory they’d experienced with a neighbour.

While there were many lovely memories shared, there could only be one winner.

Congratulations to Helen and Tony, residents of Cornish Street.

Nurse Ish sharing story

Helen and Tony shared,

“Our first COVID affected ANZAC Day Dawn Service. We all met at dawn in our night gear in front of our units, all holding candles, with the service coming from a radio in a garage – pets included!”

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