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Good Lives on Film

Film-making experience for people in their 60s, 70s, and beyond.

Good Lives on Film first screened at the Mercury Cinema in Adelaide, South Australia on 17 February 2015. Seven film-makers saw their vision of what it means to have a good life as you get older, shown on the big screen to an enthusiastic crowd.

These films were produced to form part of the resource kit for the Australian Government funded initiative called the Exchange, to support older people and their peers to live good lives.

Since then, two more film series have been produced – scroll down to see all the films produced over the three series.

Series 1

Featured stories about the give and take of volunteering; bouncing back after injury; the importance of a hobby; the joy of singing; the love of pets and the trials and triumphs of migrating to a new land.

To view, click on the videos below.

Series 2

Four films produced by ten amateur filmmakers covered stories of grief and loss, learning to dance and learning to play an instrument at a later age, making a new life in a new country, and what makes a good life in retirement.

To view, click on the videos below.

What happened when the cameras weren’t rolling!

Series 3

Three films produced by amateur filmmakers covered migrant stories.

To view, click on the videos below.

Interested in hosting a screening of these films at your workplace, community centre, school or university?

Get the ‘good lives conversation’ started! Whether the films are enjoyed by a small group of friends or at a large gathering, Good Lives on Film can be shown free-of-charge anywhere you choose. We’ll provide some helpful hints for your screening event, including invitation templates, and conversation starter postcards.

We can help you publicise your event through our networks and include it on our website, so please reach out to us for assistance. Depending on the scale of your event, you may also want to use social media, create posters/flyers, partner with organisations, and contact local media.

Register your interest – call 8159 3425 or email exchange@ach.org.au