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It’s never too late to learn

Author: Sophie van den Boomen

When was the last time when you did something for the first time in your life?

I have been asked that question many times and most of the time I could not think of anything. Sometimes I came up with a brilliant idea which kept my interest for a while.

For instant: Sewing. Earlier in life I used to admire people who could sew their own clothes. I thought that must be the cleverest thing to do. But I learned and did that, even to the point of setting myself up as a dressmaker, sewing for others.

Then: Cooking. I burned potatoes, have been known to throw a lump of pastry out of the window not being able to make it moist or dry enough to roll out, made gravy pale and thin with a button of grease floating on the top and dropped a cheese cake on the floor. But I learned and Robin says he has a gourmet meal every night and praises himself for having met me.

Then there was: Driving. I always depended on other mothers to be kind enough to take me and my 4 children to school events, Sunday school picnics, sports training or parties. But, with a lot of pain and effort I learned, bought my own car and don’t know how I ever managed without it.

Art. For a while I became very enthusiastic about art and invented my own wool craft, making mosaics with wool. It occupied all my time till I found that I ran out of new ideas for patterns and started to repeat myself.

Writing. For that I had to face the frightening prospect of learning the secrets of the computer. But I learned, wrote and published 2 books.

Now, that I am all written out I have ventured in something else so new to me that it makes me shiver with anticipation.

In my already crowded bedroom I now have a rented keyboard piano and will have my third piano lesson tomorrow. If I find that I have any aptitude at all I will buy my own and with having no previous experience start another new adventure a MUSICAL CAREER.

Wish me luck.  Even if it takes me many years to learn, it is bound to give me pleasure and isn’t that what retirement is all about?