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High Care Anywhere

Home Care 17

We are positioning ACH Group to capitalise on the opportunities that will arrive with Home Care deregulation in 2017, through implementing a range of synchronous projects that will allow us to meet changing market and customer needs.


We experienced higher than usual demand for our residential respite service, which provides customers and their carers with an opportunity to take a break, recharge and get back to their own homes and communities.

Transition Care

We have increasing numbers of people accessing our transitional care service, which is in line with our strategy of restoring and rehabilitating people so that they can continue to live in their own homes for longer.

Healthy Ageing

We are expanding the reach of our Healthy Ageing approach, with 170 students receiving Healthy Ageing training. In addition, a new Healthy Ageing Online Training module is set for launch, which will see us make great inroads in addressing residents’ physical frailty.