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Healthia – Restorative Health & Wellness Precinct


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Discover a new place for innovation, health and wellbeing.

ACH Group has initiated a vision to develop a new health, wellness, teaching and research precinct in the City of Playford, at Elizabeth South.

To be known as “Healthia”, the Precinct will sit alongside the Lyell McEwin Hospital in a dedicated health zone and will build on ACH Group’s strong track record for service innovation.

Healthia will include ACH Group’s flagship ViTA development which will include up to 120 residential care places with a holistic wellbeing focus, plus associated services including café, hairdresser and resident gym.  Plans are in place to also include a community kitchen and garden which, it is proposed, can become a local community hub.

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artist impression of the Northern Health Consortium

ACH Group has also established a new collaboration with The Northern Health Consortium to further progress its vision for Healthia.  The Northern Health Consortium is calling for Expressions of Interest from users in the healthcare sector to join them to further activate the precinct.

Focussing on a portion of the Healthia site located in the southern corner, The Northern Health Consortium intends to construct two purpose built multi-level, high spec clinical buildings including; public and private ambulatory care services, mental health services, diagnostic imaging, pathology, general practice services, medical consulting rooms and childcare.  A new multi-storey car park is also proposed to help ease parking congestion at the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

The Northern Health Consortium plans will complement ACH Group’s flagship ViTA development.

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artist impression of the Northern Health Consortium with garden

The Healthia development will provide a range of employment opportunities in the northern metropolitan region, both during construction and on and ongoing basis through hospitality, education, health care, administration and service provision.

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