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Teddies bring smiles to sick kids

ACH Group Bedford Heights Estate Craft Group presented an armful of AFL-themed teddy bears to the Box Hill Hospital Children’s Ward in May.

The group made the 39 colourful teddies at its weekly get-together.

“We wanted to do something for the children and someone suggested that teddy bears might be a nice idea,” Group Convenor Gloria Turner says. “We thought if children are feeling a bit flat, a teddy is a good way to make them feel better; it’s something they can get attached to.”

Fifteen were decked out in AFL colours and a few were dressed in pink skirts to represent the players’ ‘wives and girlfriends’.

The bears were warmly received by staff at the hospital, who said they would also appeal to older age groups.

“We were told that doctors use these bears if patients are anxious or confused and that it brings an enormous amount of comfort; they’re a distraction that makes people feel comfortable,” Gloria says.

Staff told them that the bears would bring comfort to parents of sick children.

“The parents appreciate that someone has given their energy and thought to their child; that makes the bears special,” she said.

For more information on Bedford Heights’ 147 independent living villas at Box Hill, Melbourne, please contact ACH Group on (03) 9890 8514.

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