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Educators Information

ACH Group has a strong commitment to investing in the future health workforce as such part of the ACH Group IPL framework is to offer quality student placements

ACH Group undertakes a partnership approach with educators who provide student for placements.

Educators who partner with ACH Group actively support a IPL approach to learning and quality student placements.

ACH Group is open to hosting students placement from any disciplines, not only health related disciplines for example, Interior Design students.  We will consider how we could support a quality learning experience, regardless of the student discipline.

ACH Group believes block placements support the best outcomes for all people involved in student placements including students, clients, facilitators and host sites.  Therefore priority and preference in relation to accepting student placements will be given to placements that are conducive to quality and best outcomes.

Where possible ACH Group would like to work with educators to offer placements close to a student’s home, however this is not always possible.


This section is for use by education and training providers making requests for student placements.

ACH Group require all requests for student placements be received through the online Student Request Form.  Please provide as much information as you can as this will assist to expedite your request.

To assist with the planning and consideration of the placement request, you will need to have your insurance Certificates of Currency ready to attach for Public Liability, Student Accident and possibly Medical Malpractice/Professional Indemnity (depending if your placement request is clinical in nature).

You will also need to attach the learning objectives of the students on placement so we can ensure we are able to meet the learning needs.

ACH Group prefers a planned approach to student placements as this provides a higher quality of experiences for students, staff and customers.  Therefore the minimum notice required for students to undertake placements at ACH Group is four weeks.