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Foundation Programs

The ACH Group Foundation works to empower older people to make constructive and dynamic contributions within their community today, while influencing positive change for the future.

We want to create an exciting world to grow older in today, while ensuring our collective learning and achievements shape a healthy future for everyone.

The ACH Group Foundation Programs

Thanks to the support of people like you, The ACH Group Foundation for Older Australians has already funded over 90 innovative programs concentrated on health and wellbeing including:


Sing for Joy

The Choir program was established in 2010 and now includes four choirs. These professional Choirs are trained throughout the year, culminating in a performance at Adelaide Festival Centre. Sing for Joy enables older people to continue to remain active in the local communities.

Foundation garden

Yards and Gardens

This is our longest continuously running program and connects valuable skills development for students with practical support for older people who need it to maintain their independent outdoor living spaces.

outdoor gyms - 300 x 200

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor Gyms at Yankalilla and Rostrevor provide opportunities for older people to stay fit and healthy either on their own or with their family, friends or as part of a fitness group.


Arts Programs

The Arts in all forms have featured across many projects promoting creative expression through photography, painting, and mosaics. Exhibitions and inclusion in Arts Festivals such as SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival) have captured media attention over the years and provide inspiration to many older people.

foundation room - woman reflecting

Foundation Room

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to establish emergency respite facilities for older people. This project offers a complete, responsive service for individuals in the community.


Men’s Sheds

The establishment of raised garden beds and the Men’s Sheds all provide ongoing enjoyment for growing numbers of older people in their local community. Many participants are supported by dedicated volunteers who perform a range of tasks from transport to mentoring.