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Update on the Royal Commission

The Federal Government has commenced a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, to review aged care facilities and the care provided in people’s homes.

ACH Group welcomes the Royal Commission as an opportunity to address issues and opportunities within Australia’s aged care system and improve the quality of care for all.

All aged care providers were invited by the Royal Commission to submit a written submission which ACH Group responded to in early January 2019. The submission provided an opportunity to share some of the best practice initiatives currently in place and reflect on the care that is provided to customers.

ACH Group strongly supports the work of the Royal Commission because it:

  • is committed to continual improvement and transparency
  • values its passionate and dedicated workforce and recognises the great service they provide with empathy and professionalism
  • wants the aged care sector to be strengthened through industry-wide improvements so all older Australians have access to affordable, quality care and services that meet their changing needs as they age.

The public hearings that commenced in early February have been monitored, with interest in the commentary so far. ACH Group has long supported the belief that the stereotypes of ageing need to be challenged, as discussed by Ian Yates, CEO of COTA. CEO of Dementia Australia, Maree McCabe, advocated that empathy is a key element of dementia training, further validating ACH Group’s innovative staff training pilot with ‘empathy suits’.

The Royal Commission public hearings will continue throughout 2019 and an interim report will be provided by 31 October 2019, with the final report due by 30 April 2020.

For more information, visit the Royal Commission website.

As part of ACH Group’s commitment to excellence, feedback on our services and the care provided to residents and customers is always welcomed via www.achgroup.org.au/contact/feedback or by calling 1300 22 44 77.