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Know your neighbours

Know your neighbours

Research has found that regular contact with their neighbours, even if it is to just say hello, can have a big impact on how safe and happy people feel and improve their wellbeing.

Here are some ideas to help you connect with and look out for your neighbours.

Introduce yourself

If you have just moved in, be sure to introduce yourself to your neighbours. Tell them what brought you here and find out a bit about them.

Likewise, if someone new moves in, it’s a good idea to make them feel welcome. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and offer to help with any questions about the local area. For example, you could give the information on what day bins are collected, or the best place to shop.

Stay connected

Give your neighbor your contact details, so that they can reach you quickly if anything concerns or worries them. Look out for ways you can help your neighbours and don’t be afraid to ask if you need support too. Giving and receiving support from others improves our happiness and wellbeing.

Look out for your neighbour

If you have not seen your neighbour for a while, pay attention to some simple signs. Do the lights come on at night? Do the curtains get drawn? If you have any reason to suspect your neighbour might be in need of help, knock on the door to check that they are alright.

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