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Celebrating mums on Mother’s Day

Introducing Dorothy, Rae, and Yvonne. The three women, who live at West Park Residential Care Home, shared their personal stories of motherhood for Goolwa’s local Magazine Coast Lines ahead of Mother’s Day.

Dorothy is a mother of three and has four grandchildren.

“My dad left us, and my mother had all the responsibility at a young age. She was so good; she worked and looked after us girls. The thing that she taught me most was caring for other people. Kindness is so important as a mother… caring for others,” Dorothy shared with Coast Lines.

Dorothy’s husband passed away at age 38, and sadly more tragedy followed with Dorothy’s son dying aged 35.

“It was a challenge as a mother, of course, but I have always loved every moment. My children and their families live in Tasmania and Victoria, and they are all happy. As a mother that’s all you can ask for.”

Rae is a mother of four including two adopted Aboriginal children. She has four grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

“Love makes a good mother. Being Christians, that is what love is all about. We all make mistakes, and a small part of being a mother is helping your children learn from them,” Rae shared with the magazine.

“My husband and I decided that we had enough love for others, so we adopted two Aboriginal children. We were fortunate to have enough financial backing to be able to give them a good education and a good start in life.”

Yvonne is a mother to six, grandma to 16 and great grandma to eight.

“Love is the greatest part of being a mother and having fun with them is also so important,” Yvonne said.

“We were on a farm at Woodside, and it was a good environment; doing things like climbing trees was good for them.

“I think being a mum comes naturally. You’re there to help them through life; being there when they are sick or need help. My mother did the best she could for us children, and I like to think I have done the best for mine.

“My husband and I had six children, and we lost one when he was 32. They have all been loved, and they have been there for us. If we had a problem we could talk to them also, and I think that is special.”

To read the Coast Lines’ May edition where Yvonne, Rae and Dorothy are featured visit

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