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Celebrating contributions of volunteers

When asked what inspires Deb Coligan in her volunteer role, she responds that her own experience with her father living in a residential care home has a major influence.

Deb is one of 20 volunteers at ACH Group’s West Park Residential Care Home in Goolwa.

National Volunteer Week held from May 16 – 20 celebrates the generous contributions of volunteers.

“There are so many wonderful volunteers at West Park, some of whom have been there for many years,” Deb said.

After retiring from managing the Meadows Hotel with her husband, Deb’s involvement at West Park began at the start of the pandemic in 2020 by providing concierge services to visitors.

“After a few months I was asked if I wanted to help create the home’s bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed to residents and their families,” she said.

“My dad lived in a residential care home, and I think it’s vital for families to be given insights into what their loved ones are enjoying in the home.

“The lifestyle staff create new experiences and activities to keep residents engaged and active, and I try to showcase the events taking place by publishing lots of photos.

“The reward for me is seeing the residents read the newsletter. I also think residents seeing what is happening in the home – seeing others enjoying experiences – encourages more to take part.”

Deb shared that the role has also made her realise the amazing contribution of staff working in residential care, especially with the challenges of the pandemic.

ACH Group Volunteer Manager, Tay Parker, thanked all ACH Group volunteers.

“ACH Group is so fortunate to have a large group of passionate volunteers,” she said.

“Volunteering benefits both the volunteer, and residents and customers. Volunteers enjoy staying in touch with their community, learning new skills, and making new social connections,” she said.

“For residents and customers engaging with volunteers can connect them to new experiences depending on the skills and background of each volunteer and expand their social connections.”

West Park along with ACH Group’s residential care home in Yankalilla is currently seeking volunteers in a wide range of roles including supporting residents to engage in social activities, one-on-one friendly visiting, and specialist group support for example men’s group, gardening, and memory therapy.

Deb is one of 20 volunteers at ACH Group's West Park Residential Care Home in Goolwa
Deb is one of 20 volunteers at ACH Group’s West Park Residential Care Home in Goolwa

Learn more about volunteering at ACH Group.

Download: Media release – Celebrating contributions of volunteers

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