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Dementia Inclusive Services

Tailor Made Service

Our Tailor Made Service provides support for people living with younger onset dementia (diagnosis of dementia under the age of 65 years) and their families and supporters. We use a Living Well approach that has been co-designed so services are ‘tailor made’, keep you out and about, physically active and connected to your community.  You can join in one-to-one or in small groups to rediscover passions and interests or learn something new.   There is a lot of living to do and you can be supported to do it your way!

> CLICK HERE to view the Tailor Made – Resource Kit

Health and Wellbeing Services

Our Health and Wellbeing Services can assist with:

  • Accessing and designing a personal exercise program
  • Advice about how best your home and tasks can be adapted, including specialist equipment and technology to enhance your independence and safety
Carer Support Services

You can be confident to take a break, or some time out to focus on your own health and wellbeing. We can provide one-to-one or small group activities to provide enriching support to your family member, allowing you time to participate in other things.

We can even provide support with planning a holiday through our Holidays program. Our Dementia Specialist Advisory Service can assist you with practical strategies and emotional support in managing the challenges you may face in your caring role. We can also help you to develop Emergency Plans in event of crisis.

Residential Care Services

When more support is needed we can walk you through the application process and advise you of appropriate options to best suit your needs.

Social Activities

Our Social Links programs can provide you with support to remain socially active and a part of your community. You may like to consider reconnecting with past hobbies or interests, or joining a choir or an art group either in a small group or with some one-to-one support.

Help at Home Services

Our Help at Home Services can provide you with practical assistance including help with cleaning, shopping, transport and personal care.

ACH Group’s Dementia Learning program equips staff and volunteers from across the organisation with the skills and specialised knowledge to support people living with dementia to live a good life.