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Palliative Care Coordination

What is palliative care coordination?

This product is to help to understand the process and guidance to establish a tailored care team

End of life can be stressful and emotional and it can be hard to know where to start with planning the right care to ensure a dignified and seamless experience.



Together with our experienced and skilled registered nurses, you and your support network will receive advice on:

  • Coping with changes to life and circumstance
  • Understanding the palliative care process and what to expect.
  • Managing your changing health needs
  • Making referrals to other health care agencies as required
  • Liaising with other service providers to secure additional services that meet your needs
  • Advocacy to ensure you maintain a level of independence in your care and decision making
  • Links to other services such as home help, financial and counselling support
  • Liaising with your GP and care team to ensure continuity of your care
What is the cost?

Cost of palliative care coordination is $150/hr*

*Additional cost applied to travel outside metro Adelaide.

Payment Options

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