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10 Dares Challenge



What could you dare to do?

The 10 Dares Challenge invites you to dare yourself to try something different – Step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself, and put your hand up for something new and exciting in 2018!

What is the 10 Dares Challenge?

  • A five week challenge for anyone who wants to try something new or different
  • Choose your own challenges:

          Thrill-seeking      Skill-seeking      Brain Dares

          Wellbeing Challenges       Personal Challenges   

  • Sign up below and we’ll send you :

* Challenge Cards – 99 Dares to get you started

* 5 weekly challenge emails to spur you into action

* The latest research on why challenge is vital for healthy ageing

* Member stories of achievement

* Strategies and encouragement to face your fears


You’re also invited to share your photos and stories on social media with the #10dareschallenge hashtag.

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By joining the 10 Dares Challenge I also agree to receive the fortnightly Exchange bulletin. I understand that all dares are undertaken at my own risk and that I am responsible for my safety and the safety of others while undertaking any dare.