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Author: Sophie van den Boomen

For an unbelievably long time the EARTH has definitely been my favourite out of all the other planets which belong to me.

I was proud of her; the way she so neatly turned all her sides to me and called that a day, her cute little moon turning lovingly around her calling each turn a month. Always keeping correct time. Always shining her water surfaces for me so blue, black, silver. So beautiful she was.

Yes, I say: WAS. Because now I notice changes in her. It makes me worried. What is happening? The water has lost its shine, the clouds are thicker and a dirty grey, brown colour. It seems some gasses are escaping. The atmosphere has holes here and there which allow my rays to penetrate too far and by so doing causing damage to my beloved creatures who inhabit my Earth.

I don’t want to cause harm, I aim to give benefit, make things grow, give warmth and light and vitamin D. And what are these things which leave my Earth and shoot through space, some as far as to my other children, Mars, Venus, Mercury? They don’t fly to me. There is not much of the green colour left. More and more buildings are rising up and covering the green. And what are the flames, the explosions, the roaring and roaring?

I am so worried.

It looks like my Earth is going to be like Mars and all the others, uninhabited and dry.

Photo of sun by Stanley Zimny on Flickr –