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Go With the Flow

Author: Ila McKay

My stay in Vietnam involved a full day bus tour of Da Lat. My son Ron and I left at 8am and we travelled some distance before arriving at a Park near the top of a waterfall. To see this attraction fully, one had to first toboggan down and around a mountain. Neither of us were aware of this until we came to a railway station. On sighting the small toboggans speeding on narrow lines extending down and out of sight, I bluntly stated, “NO WAY”. Ron informed me that I would be stuck up top all day by myself if I didn’t. It was the only way down. O.k… If that’s the case then I will just have to pluck up courage and go with the flow.

Ron boarded first and sat at the back of the toboggan in the only seat and in charge of the controls. But for me it was not so easy. I was instructed by the guide in charge to sit on the floor in between my son’s legs. No easy task I might add. Once positioned, with my bag between my legs, my left arm encircling his left knee, I was handed the video camera with brief instructions on its use. So, with my right hand poised, my heart in my mouth, we set off on a ride like no other I have ever experienced.
Ron yelled with delight like a cowboy riding a wild horse, while I screamed and cursed in excitement and fear as the toboggan bounced and sped around bend after bend. And all the time I’m trying to capture the whole event on the video camera. Well we made it to the bottom in one piece and I scrambled out of the contraption as best and as quick as I could. Ron followed, and both of us, filled with adrenalin, subsequently convulsed in spasms of laughter.
I must admit that while at this park, my next adventure was a ride on an elephant, which was more sedate but just as exciting.

Photo of Datanla Falls toboggan track by HopeTom on Flickr –