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10 Dares Challenge


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What could you dare to do?

The 10 Dares Challenge invites you to dare yourself to try something different – Step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself, and put your hand up for something new and exciting this year.

Your dares can be as simple as trying a food you’ve never eaten before, or as daring as jumping out of a plane. The idea is simply to pick some dares – two, three, ten or more – that will challenge you personally, physically or mentally.

Along with our members we’ve put together a list of 99 Dares to start you thinking. Choose some of the 99, or invent your own dares and let us know what you’re planning. 99 Dares to Get you Started

To inspire you to get daring, we’re holding a 10 Dares Kick off Day where you can meet other members and choose some challenges.

Plus we’re putting together a calendar of weekly come and try sessions featuring social dares (karaoke anyone?), skill-seeking dares (try your hand at cryptic crosswords or the ukulele), thrill-seeking dares (perhaps sky-diving appeals?) and wellbeing dares (check out tai chi or mindfulness).

You’re invited sign up for weekly email updates with photos and stories from others taking part and new dares to try or join in. You can also connect with other Darers by joining the 10 Dares Facebook Group, or by sharing your photos and stories on social media with the #10dares hashtag.

We’re very proud to announce that 10 Dares Challenge will wrap up with a bang, with a showcase event on 8th October at this year’s Open State Festival, a state-wide festival celebrating new ideas and collaboration.

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Check out the 99 Dares to Get you Started

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